Cleaningly is being the Finalist on the Business Plan Competition 2022

June 13, 2023
Cleaningly is being the Finalist on the Business Plan Competition 2022

Cleaningly Home Services, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is thrilled to have participated in an enlightening educational session hosted by Wharton. This session allows Cleaningly to stay ahead in the cleaning industry by gaining valuable knowledge and insights. Wharton is an esteemed institution known for nurturing innovative ideas since its establishment. The institute equips global business leaders with practical expertise, enabling them to keep up with the fast-paced world. By imparting valuable skills, Wharton empowers decision-makers to address complex challenges and drive improvements in commercial operations and worldwide economic growth.

During a recent educational session, a representative from Wharton extended congratulations to Cleaningly Home Services for successfully completing the Wharton Executive Education-Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program: Scaling Your Business. The representative also recognized Cleaningly as a finalist in the Business Plan Competition 2022. By participating in this program, Cleaningly Home Services has positioned itself to effectively navigate future uncertainties.

Understanding the daily cleaning requirements of individuals, Cleaningly Home Services has set out with a mission to deliver top-quality cleaning services. Over the years, the company has made significant progress by offering exceptional services. Their expertise covers a wide range of cleaning needs, including "End Of Lease Cleaning," "Deep Cleaning," "General House Cleaning," and more.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Cleaningly Home Services provides a money-back guarantee and complimentary cleaning services if clients are not pleased with the results. Moreover, the company is committed to environmental sustainability and employs eco-friendly products.

All services provided by Cleaningly Home Services are affordable and can be customized to suit individual customer preferences. The company leverages technology to enable customers to track the progress of their cleaning tasks. The Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program from Wharton has enabled Cleaningly to expand its service offerings and gain valuable insights into scaling their business operations.

About Cleaningly Home Services:

Cleaningly Home Services Pty Ltd stands as one of the fastest-growing professional cleaning companies in Victoria. In addition to cleaning services, the company also offers garden maintenance, rubbish removal, and pressure washing. With a remarkable track record of cleaning over 3,300 spaces in 2023, Cleaningly Home Services is known for its affordability, use of eco-friendly products, and a seamless 60-second booking process.