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End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

There are various factors to make while moving house, ranging from packing and moving to changing utilities. While cleaning your previous residence is sometimes put off until the last minute, end-of-lease cleaning is required whenever you exit a rental property. To receive your bond back from a landlord or real estate agent, you must strictly adhere to a cleaning checklist and leave nothing to luck.

This is where Cleaningly professional cleaning services comes in. We have over a hundred five-star evaluations from our End of Lease cleaning experience, ensuring our clients' satisfaction.

Getting your End of Lease cleaning with us:

Bond Back guarantee
Professional & Vaccinated Cleaners
Experience and Attention to details
Carpet Cleaning

General House Cleaning

General house cleaning is time-consuming and, at times, a dreaded duty that you put off until you have no option but to begin.Each month, an average parent spends roughly a full day cleaning and doing housekeeping. Sweeping and dusting, cleaning the bathroom, and washing are the three most time-consuming jobs. Also, a huge percent of parents believe that houseworks prevents them from spending quality time with their families.

Cleaningly will take care of your chores so you can spend more time with your loved ones.
Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Covid-19 has made us more careful about cleaning; we no longer desire normal cleaning but rather Deep Cleaning. Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning procedure that eliminates apparent dirt as well as bacteria and germs. The method concentrates on regularly touched surfaces and accessible locations, but it should also involve regular cleaning of nooks and crannies that may not be used frequently, such as a bookcase.
Post construction cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

With dust, dirt and grime covering most of the surfaces following any construction project, you want a company who can transform your workspace and give it the attention it deserves with our highly customized Professional Cleaning Services.