The future of Cleaning is here

You book in then we guide you through and we do
the hard work— so you don’t have to.

Cleaning made easy with Professional Cleaners nearby

Free Quotation

Free Quote

We won’t charge for any quotation ever and forever.
Cleaning Products

Cleaning supplies
and services

We always bring our own tools and supplies but you may also offer your own. We have several add ons and other services options too.
Professional Cleaners

Professional Cleaners Nearby

We curate and hire the best cleaners then retool and retrain them on our Cleaning standards and processes.

Smart Cleaning features


Easy Online Booking

No registration required via We also provide Mobile apps as an option that is simple and focused on what you really need to accomplish.
Digital Booking

Digital Walkthrough

We provide easy submission of your detailed instructions together with photos and videos that are valuable knowledge for a best cleaning experience.
Digital Payment

Pay Us You Need

Need us to clean more space—or less? We’ll automatically adjust your booking plan.

Your Space is
in good hands.

We’ve partnered with Allianz — a leader in Home and Business insurance — to keep your mind at peace.

A new kind of Cleaning experience with our six Strategic pillars of Innovation.

Technology-first Approach

We provide the most seamless experience from booking, throughout the cleaning journey and feedback review for continuous improvement. We have integrated and partnered with more than 10 software companies and put it into one platform.

Tools and Solutions

We curate and use the best available and tested tools in the Cleaning industry. We also made our own solutions and sprayer that will help our Cleaning Partner perform their tasks effectively.

Streamline Operation

We always keep up to date on how we can be more efficient in the way we do our services through our experience, interaction with Cleaning Partners and valued customers. We make sure we remove barriers of complexity by putting up our easy to follow standards and processes.

Customer Service

We simplify the whole experience by providing you with several options on booking and with the help of our Customer service available from 8:00 am AEST to 7pm AEST on weekdays and 8:00 am AEST to 5pm AEST on weekends to assist you on whatever your needs are.

Brand and Marketing

We have been known in the Industry despite being a newcomer because of the Brand we have put up and new ways of digital marketing efforts we have done.

Human Resource Happiness

Our people especially our Professional Cleaners nearby are the key to our success and to your best experience. We provide them with trainuals inside our platform plus incentives and rewards to make them happy. We believe that human beings should be treated fairly and squarely.